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Solar Heater

Solar pool heating is the most efficient use of solar energy available for people who live in a warm climate. Photovoltaic systems are used to convert sunlight into usable energy and amplify the sun’s heat. This systems uses your pool pump to bring water up to the solar panel, heating it along the way. Once the water is heated it travels back to your pool in a warm, filtered state. This does not require a storage tank and, if you live in a very warm climate, you can use the same system to cool your pool at night. If you have ever turned on a garden hose and noticed that warm water comes out at first then you have experienced a solar thermal system at it’s most basic level.

Ever Clear Pool & Spa captures the power of the sun’s energy and channels it efficiently and safely to heat your pool. You will be able to enjoy a heated pool even on cooler days in the fall. When you have a properly installed solar pool heater you will almost never have to worry about maintenance. We recommend that you check your solar heater at the beginning of each swim season simply as a precaution.

Contact Every Clear Pool & Spa today to Learn More about a safe, effective, and inexpensive way to extended you swimming season with a low maintenance solar powered pool heater!

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